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Cloud Computing

Harness the power of internet!

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has gained widespread acceptance as a means to steady growth. The 'cloud' harnesses the power of the internet to offer various pay-per-use hosted services- servers, storage, networking, data centers and applications- on demand.

Cloud Computing Services & Deployment Models

Cloud computing offers various deployment models, you can read the following and choose one that best suits your requirement -

  • Public Cloud - Resources are offered as a solution through web applications/web services, based on the standard cloud computing model.
  • Community Cloud - This is best suited where more than one organization combine to build a computing solution by sharing infrastructure for a higher level of privacy, security and/or policy compliance. The costs are borne by more than one participants of the community.
  • Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT Delivery - A hybrid storage cloud uses a combination of public and private storage clouds. These are useful for archiving and backup functions, allowing local data to be replicated to a public cloud.
  • Combined Cloud - Combined cloud environment consists of multiple internal and/or external providers to ease the transition to public cloud services.
  • Private Cloud - These are used essentially by the enterprises and IT organizations where information and security concerns are critical.

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