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Fintech Solution And App Development

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Fintech Solution And App Development

Fintech is a line of business based on using software to provide financial services.
Fintech Software Development Bulletproff Custom-Built Software Made By Specialists.

Software Development

Years of experience have resulted in us perfecting the way that we make FinTech software. When working with us you can expect:

  • Agile processes and continuous integration
  • Constant customer interaction through joint standups and retrospectives
  • Frequent iterations, deliverables and demos maximising common understanding and progress tracking
  • Your own test team, highly automated test processes, your own tools, simulators and infrastructure (you have to see it to believe what we have automated)
  • Talented, experienced and engaged developers, testers, quantitative analysts, project managers and architects
  • Financial industry know-how & years of experience, resulting in added value to your projects
  • Proven processes and tools for remote cooperation (Trello, Slack, Track, Git or SVN code repositories and continuous integration and builds)

We have facilitated a market leading FinTech software that offers support and solutions to users. Through continuous vetting and testing Turing Technology is continually redefining industry standards.


We excel in:

  • Data acquisition, data scraping and data crawling from unstructured sources
  • Data processing, analytics and predictions
  • Processing any type of API or structured data source
  • Live data acquisition
  • Natural language processing, parsing, interpretation and translation
  • Time-series analysis & predictions and more.


FinTech is now open to the world! You no longer need to trade stocks on Wall Street or gain access behind the closed doors of huge financial institutions to see FinTech in action - it’s open to ordinary people. Why you should consider our expertise:

  • Every successful FinTech company in the world pays close attention to their User Interface and User Experience (UI & UX). This means both front-end and website development.
  • Eye-catching designs are vital to long term success, strategy and branding.
  • You can see simple service products with impressive user interfaces, like CoinBase or Transferwise, appealing to huge customer bases across many demographics.