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In today’s ever-changing marketplace, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get an edge over competitors. Developing a strong value proposition is one way to clearly explain to prospects why they should buy your solution over others. In fact, a great value proposition could be the difference between losing a sale or closing it. According to HubSpot, only 69% of B2B firms have established value propositions, yet 54 percent of companies do nothing to optimise theirs. A strong value proposition alone is not enough to get ahead of your business rivals. It takes a well-prepared salesforce who can effectively leverage your value proposition to make the difference. The best way to prepare them to do so is with the ongoing, bite-sized training that’s accessible from anywhere. Here, we’ll show you how you’ll gain a competitive sales advantage with virtual micro-learning.

Attract and retain good talent

Sales rep engagement increases when micro-learning is used instead of other training methods because it’s in a format that’s easily incorporated into their routine while meeting their desire to learn. It also increases job satisfaction, since sales staff feels more prepared and enjoys their work more. Plus, micro-learning is fun!

Faster onboarding

Effective salespeople are masters of a complex skillset. It takes technical expertise and fine-tuned people skills to translate product specs into persuasive value. Micro-learning shortens ramp time. This means less time to full productivity and more reps selling at their full potential at all times. This reduces the financial drain on the organization and creates a stronger selling team compared to those of competitors.

Always up-to-date

n today’s marketplace there’s always something new to learn and changes to know. They include updates relating to product, marketplace, prospect challenges, industry information, competitors, and the best sales techniques. With micro-learning, your reps are continually learning and always up to date on the latest need-to-know information. It helps them easily keep their knowledge and skills fresh. Consistently improving through reinforcement with practice and application, they’re always ready for any prospect or scenario.

The right information at the right time

Since virtual micro-learning is available from anywhere on any device, sales reps can review the information they need, when they need it. For example, 2 they can refresh on value propositions for specific prospects just prior to presenting to, or meeting with, them. This easy-to-access information makes it possible for reps to respond promptly to prospect and customer questions too, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction. The individualised learning experience that micro-learning provides keeps reps interested and wanting to learn more to fill their individual learning gaps.

Increased productivity

Unlike other learning methods, micro-learning doesn’t interrupt your reps’ daily work, it fits right in. They remain on-the-job instead of sitting in a training room where they aren’t productive. Also, your team members learn faster and retain more with micro-learning, so they’re better prepared to close more business in less time.

More Agile

Matching the pace of today’s business, virtual micro-learning is more agile than other forms of training and communication. Due to their brevity, microlearning courses can be produced quickly and updated on the go. Plus, notifications about changes to your company, competition, product, and more are easily created and distributed with just a few clicks. This allows your organisation to adapt to change quickly and easily in the marketplace. As you can see, micro-learning enables your salesforce to be better prepared to meet with various prospects, differentiate your solution, and win more deals. With top talent that’s always up-to-date and continually improving, you’ll already have an edge over your rivals. The resulting productivity combined with your ability to rapidly change with the marketplace, your industry opponents will be no match. It’s time for you to give this method of learning a try and experience the competitive sales advantage with virtual micro-learning in your company.

Quickly disseminate critical information to reps anywhere, anytime.

  • Create and publish quick updates in less than 10 minutes
  • Leverage mobile and web delivery to reach reps at any time
  • Ensure knowledge retention with interactive quizzes
  • Certify reps on key capabilities
  • Track content engagement and identify gaps
  • Create a communication channel unique to the sales team
  • Keep your reps engaged on the field, during SKOs and in office
  • Enable reps to learn with a fun and mobile experience

A Single User Experience for Onboarding, Skills, Updates, Coaching, and Analytics

  • Awesome User Experience
  • Engaging Gamification
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Any Content Source
  • Intelligent Workflows
  • Assessments
  • Polls/Quizzes
  • Certifications